Mid-Autumn and Ielts

On the occasion of  Mid-Autumn this year, we should be prepared with variety of topics of traditional festival, and particularly.

Let’s take a look at some question regarding question below and prepare them.­­­

Speaking part 1:

Does your country has many traditional festival 2
Which festivals are the most interested?
What do people in your country do to celebrate them?

Vocab: festival, music, traditional cakes and foods, music, lantern, children, decorate the house and prepare meals.


Speaking part 2:

Sample question :

Describe your favorite traditional festival your country :

You should say :

–  What people usually do in that festival

–  What /who it celebrate or memorize

–  When it usually be took place

–  Does it go along with any traditional folk story?

And say why you like it the most

Choose a typical festival or the one you can find easy to talk about; For example : Tet festival, Mi-Autumn;… For most of us, we couldnt talk about Huong pagoda festival for 2 mins.


Speaking part 3:

Which gender play more important role in your country’s tradition?

– Have you ever think that international festivals will replace the national one?
– Do you think that children should learn about traditions and have to preserve them?
– How do you think the design of homes will change in the future?

And here are some of useful vocabulary that we may need to talk about celebrations and festivals.

Vocabulary for Festival :

  • Mid-Autumn : Trung thu
  • Tet/Lunnar New year : Tết Nguyên đán
  • Altar : Bàn thờ
  • Lantern : Đèn lồng
  • “Chưng” Cake – the cake mixed by plaint rice, meats, beans some fruits used in traditional meals placed in the altar
  • Pomelo : quả bưởi
  • Banana : Quả chuối
  • Fig : quả sung
  • Longan : nhãn
  • Watermelon : Dưa hấu
  • Apple : táo
  • Pineapple : Dứa
  • Coconut : Dừa

Take every chances to practice yourself. Be brave and have success! :thanai:

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