Luyện tập Speaking Part 1. (p.2)

Trong bài Luyện tập Speaking part 1. (p.1), chúng ta đã cùng nhau nói về cách chuẩn bị thật chi tiết, kĩ lưỡng cho Speaking Part 1 từ chọn chủ đề, brand out questions đến một số lỗi sai cơ bản khi bắt đầu luyện tâp. Trong bài viết này, mình xin tặng các bạn một số câu hỏi + chủ đề cho chúng ta dễ dàng luyện tập:

Bank of questions:

 Topic: Food

Luyện tập Speaking part 1. (p.1) 1

+ Are there any foods that you you wouldn’t eat as a child that you eat now?

+ Do you always eat dinner with your family?

+ Do you always eat vegetalbes?

+ Do you eat bread everyday?

+ Do you eat lunch at school?

-How much does lunch usually cost at school?

-Do you bring your lunch to school?

+ Do you like food from other countries?

If yes, which do you like the most?

+ Do you like to cook? Why of why not?

+ Do you like to eat at fast food restaurants ?

+ Do you prefer fish or meat?

+ What are some foods that are considered unhealthy?

+ What do you eat when you feel sad?

+ Do you like to drink?

+ Do you believe that “we are what we eat” ?

+ Do you know the nutritional value of the things you eat everyday?

+ What new foods have you tried this month?

 Topic: Pets:

Luyện tập Speaking part 1. (p.1) 2

+ Do you have a pet?

+Where did you get it from?

+ What does it look like?

+ What are the pros and cons of keeping a cat?

+ What is the best pet to own?

+ Do you afraid of snake? What is the biggest snake you have seen? Are there any poisous snake in your country?

+ Have you ever riden a horse?

+ Have you ever been bitten by a dog?

+ Have you ever been stung by a bee?

+ Do you think that animals dream?

+ What animals do you think are cute?

+ Have you ever seen a dog that helps people, such as one to assist a blind person or a policeman?

+ If so, what did you notice about  the dog?

+ What can children learn by having a pet?

+ Does feeding an animal bring you happiness?

Topic: Languages :

thi thu ielts

+ What language do you speak?

+Do you think it’s important to learn a foreign language?

+ When did you start learning a foreign language?

+ Do you enjoy learning languages ?

+ Are there any languages you would like to learn? What are they? Why?

+ What activity do you find most useful for learning English?

+ What do you find most difficult about learning English?

+ Do you think children should start learning English ai their early age ?

+ What roles do you think English plays in the society?

+ What is the most problem about learning English?

+ Should we attend many English classes?

+ Is teaching and studing English at state school enough for use?

+ Why do you choose to sit an IELTS examination?

Trên đây, mình đã liệt kê một số câu hỏi thường dùng trong Part 1 Speaking, chủ yếu là những câu hỏi đơn giản với tiêu chí dễ nghe – dễ trả lời. Các bạn có thể in ra và chọn khoảng 6-8 câu mỗi chủ đề để cùng nhau luyện tập.

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