Khi luyện thi IELTS, đặc biệt là phần Speaking, các bạn cần phải chuẩn bị và luyện tập thật nhiều chủ đề khác nhau để tránh bị bỡ ngỡ trong phòng thi. Hôm nay, IBEST sẽ gửi đến các bạn một vài mẫu câu trả lời và từ vựng cho chủ đề về Sức khỏe nhé!

Part 1-style questions

Examiner: Have you got a relation you’re particularly fond of?
Sinita: Yes … my granddad … he’s 94 years old but generally he’s as fit as a fiddle … we’re very close and see each other a lot … whenever he goes down with a cold or is under the weather I make a point of visiting him …

Examiner: Do you do any sport?
Jon: Yes … I’m keen on skateboarding … but I haven’t done it for a while … I had a bad fall recently and pulled a muscle and had a few cuts and bruises … but I’m on the mend and hope to be doing it again soon …

Examiner: Is there anything you’re particularly afraid of?
Davide: The dentist … I hate going to the dentist … I only ever go if I have a toothache so it usually means I have to have a filling or even have a tooth out … I really don’t like it …

Part 2-style task

Describe a time when you were ill. You should say:

  • when this was
  • what your symptoms were
  • how long the illness lasted

and say how it affected your life at the time.

Pierre:  This is a tricky one really as I’m usually quite healthy … I’ve never been seriously ill … like everyone else I sometimes get a few aches and pains or catch a cold … I can remember a few months ago I had to have time off work with a heavy cold … I had the usual symptoms … a blocked nose … sore throat … it lasted quite a while … about 2 weeks I think though I didn’t have that much time off work … for a few days I remember feeling poorly but I was over the worst of it after a few days and went back to work … I always find it’s better to be active when you feel ill as it keeps your mind off your symptoms … I think my family get a little fed up with me when I’m ill though … I tend to feel sorry for myself and lie on the sofa all day as if I’m at death’s door … but as I said earlier … on this occasion it was nothing serious and didn’t really cause me any problems …

Part 3-style questions

Examiner: What costs are involved when you are ill in your country?
Anya: Well … people have to pay prescription charges which can be quite expensive … but fortunately general healthcare is free … unless you want to go private of course and then  you can pay a fortune for your treatment …

Examiner: In your experience are people too quick to take time off work when they’re ill?
Alicia: Yes .. I’ve got friends who have a day off work if they wake up with a runny nose … and in most cases they seem to make a speedy recovery after they’ve phoned in sick …

Examiner: Do women pay more attention to their health than men?
Julie: I think so yes … women are more likely to see their GP for a check-up if they’re concerned about something … men tend to avoid facing up to any health problems they have … my dad always seems to have a very chesty cough but refuses to go to make an appointment to see the doctor …


  • aches and pains: đau ê ẩm nhưng kéo dài một thời gian
  • to be a bit off colour: cảm thấy hơi mệt
  • to be at death’s door: cực kì ốm
  • to be on the mend: ốm dậy
  • to be over the worst: qua cơn nguy kịch, qua quãng thời gian mệt mỏi nhất của cơn ốm
  • to be under the weather: cảm thấy hơi mệt
  • a blocked nose: bị tắc mũi
  • to catch a cold: cảm lạnh
  • a check-up: khám bệnh
  • a chesty cough: một cơn ho tức ngực
  • to feel poorly: ốm
  • as fit as a fiddle: cực kì khỏe mạnh
  • to go down with a cold: ốm
  • to go private: khám ở bệnh viện tư nhân
  • GP: bác sĩ cá nhân, bác sĩ của gia đinh
  • to have a filling: chữa răng
  • to have a tooth out: nhổ răng
  • a heavy cold: cảm lạnh nặng
  • to make an appointment: hẹn lịch khám
  • to make a speedy recovery: hồi phục rất nhanh
  • to phone in sick: gọi điện xin nghỉ làm vì bị ốm
  • prescription charges: tiền thuốc thang
  • to pull a muscle: duỗi căng cơ bắp
  • a runny nose: mũi bị chảy nước mũi
  • a sore throat: viêm họng

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