IELTS Speaking Part Two topic cards about Sports, hobbies and free time (p.1)

Bạn đã bao giờ nghĩ thử sắp xếp những topic mình chuẩn bị cho Speaking Part 2 thành những tổ hợp theo thứ tự trong bảng chữ cái chưa??? Nếu chưa thì hãy nghía thử qua một số trong những chủ đề dưới đây mà IBEST muốn tặng các bạn nhé!!



Describe an activity you like doing.

You should say:

– Where you do it

– Who you do it with

– Why you enjoy it

And say what kind of people you would recommend that activity to, and why



Talk about a book you have read in the last year

You should say:

– Why you decided to read that book

– How long you it took you to finish it

– What genre of book it was

And say if you would like to read something else by the same author or not, and why

Talk about a book you have never read but would like to in the future.

You should mention:

– Why you would like to read it

– Why you have never read it before

– What you think it will be like

And say how you think it will compare to other books you have read

Talk about a book that impressed you. You should say:

– What it was about

– Why it impressed you

– If any other books have impressed you the same way

And say what kind of person you would recommend that book to, and why

Talk about a book you have at home.

You should mention:

– What it looks like

– What the topic of the book is

– Where you got the book from

And say how it compares to other books you have read or know about

Brother or sister

Talk about a hobby that a brother or sister, or other relative, likes.

You should mention:

– Where and when they do that hobby

– How long they have been doing it

– If you have ever done it with them

And say if you think that is a good hobby or not, and why.



Talk about a hobby you were interested in when you were a child:

You should say:

– How you first became interested in it

– How long you did it for

– Why you enjoyed it

And say if you became more or less interested in that hobby as you got older,

and why

Cinema- see “Film”

Computer- see also “Game”

Talk about something you can do on a computer that you think is enjoyable.

You should mention:

– What equipment or software you need to do that

– What you need to do to do it

– What kind of people it is popular with

And say if you would like to spend more time doing that or not, and why

Collect/ collection

Talk about something you or someone you know collects.

You should say:

– How many pieces there is in the collection

– How the collection is stored

– How quickly the collection is growing

And say what kind of person would enjoy collecting that thing, and why

Compare- see “Book”, “Days off”, “Holidays”

Comic- see “Favourite”   


Talk about a dish you know how to cook. You should describe:

– What the ingredients are

– How it is cooked

– Other preparation you have to do

And say if you think this is an easy dish to cook or not, and why

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