How a beautiful girl talk about technology in Part 2 Speaking?

Các bạn cùng theo dõi câu chuyện nhé:

E = Examiner Z = Zara

E: So Zara, let’s talk about what you do? Do you work or are you a student?

Z: I’m a student.

E: Ok, and what subjects are you studying?

Z: I’m studying Maths, er … Biology, Chemistry, Physics, er … Philosophy and English and Portuguese.

E: Ok, and is Physics a difficult subject?

Z: Yes, actually I’m having extra classes now cos this year I’m having examination.

E: Ok, ok. What’s the most interesting aspect of Physics?

Z: Um, I guess it’s the … the logics, cos we apply … er … a lot of mathematics, with the formulas and the graphics.

E: Ok, and why did you choose this subject?

Z: Um, because for what I want to … to follow in college, I needed this subject. (Ok) It’s medicine, and I had to do it.

E: Ok, now let’s move on to talk about food and eating. When do you eat your main meal of the day?

Z: Um, it’s lunch, and it’s … er … between one and two o’clock in the, in the afternoon.

E: And who do you usually eat your meals with?

Z: With my friends when I’m at school from Monday to … to Friday, but then in weekends it’s with my parents.

E: Ok, and do you prefer eating at home or in restaurants?

Z: Um, it’s different I guess. At home with, with my families when I don’t want to spend money, but then with restaurants, in restaurants … er … I go with my friends or when I have a party or something.

E: Ok, on what occasions in your culture do you eat special meals?

Z: Um, well in Christmas, obviously … er … in Easter, when, whenever there’s a special holiday.

E: Ok, ok. I’m now going to give you a topic and I’d like you to talk about it for one to two minutes. Before you talk you have one minute to think about what you’re going to say and you can make some notes if you wish. Do you understand?

Z: Mm-mm.

E: Here’s some paper and a pen. I’d like you to describe a piece of technology that you find useful.

You should say …

  • what it is
  • when you use it
  • what you are able to do with it
  • and explain why you find it so useful

E: All right, remember you have one to two minutes for this so don’t worry if I stop you. Can you start speaking now please?

Z: Um, the piece of technology I chose was the iPod … er … which actually now a lot of teenagers and even adults use … um … and it’s a gadget that you connect to your, to your computer and then you download songs and you transfer songs or videos or podcasts and you transfer them to your iTunes, then from your iTunes you can … er … transfer them to your, to your iPod and then you can listen to songs, you can even watch videos with your iPod. You can listen to podcasts, you can … er … download albums … er … with photographs to your iPod. And … er … because it’s small … er … you can go anywhere with it, so … er … I use it, for instance, to go to school, in the bus or in the underground … er … or whenever I go travelling, like long travels with airplane or by car I use the iPod and even at home, when I want to revise and to chill out and listen to some music, I’ll connect my iPod to the (….) Um, or when I want to study in a, in a café or, or at home when it’s loud, when it’s noisy I can listen to my iPod to help me.

E: Ok, so do most of your friends have one of these?

Z: Yeah.

E: Ok, thank you. We’ve been talking about a piece of technology that you find useful and now I’d like to ask you one or two more general questions related to this.

E: Um, let’s first of all consider technology and communication. What are some of the main uses of technology for communication.

Z: Um … er … the mobile phone …er … telephones, faxes, computers, email.

E: Ok, um and do you agree that some people use technology for communication too much?

Z: Um, no, I guess not. I guess it’s, it’s important nowadays to keep in touch.

E: Ok, ok. And what are the differences between attitudes of older and the attitudes of younger people of technology for communication?

Z: I think younger people, since they were, they were born in this generation of technologies, they are used to … er … these technologies since they were born. They learn how to, to use technology … um … but older people are not used to … um … using those gadgets, so I guess they’re not very, at ease.

E: Ok, now let’s consider technology and work. Would you agree that technology has had a positive impact on the world of work?

Z: Yes, I think it has helped … um … work to be much efficient, faster … um … more productive. People don’t have to … er … do so much physical work. It’s now more intellectual, or sitting on a desk and practically (….)

E: And will technology change our understanding of the nature of work in the future?

Z: The nature of work … um … yes, I think, as I said, work will become less physical, will require less physical skills, but more … er … knowledge, to knowledge about technologies and maintenance and those kind of things.

E: Ok, thank you. That is the end of your speaking test.

Fluency and coherenceLexical resource
Có thể trả lời những câu hỏi bằng các câu ngắn. Dùng khác nhiều từ nổi (and, ỏ, so..) nhưng có vài chỗ ngắc.Sử dụng nhiều từ vựng (intellectual, productive) và tổ hợp từ (“to keep in touch, practically everything is done)
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Dùng những mẫu câu đơn giản là chủ yếu. thỉnh thoảng có thêm vào những câu phức và dùng khác tốtDễ nghe nhưng có vài chỗ trọng âm từ, ngữ điệu và kĩ năng phát âm khác bị hạn chế.

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