Facebook or TheFacebook

Facebook or TheFacebook 1

How do you use “the” ?

+ Do you know how do you use “the”? – Yes !?

+ Are you sure about that?


Have you ever seen the film “The social network”? That is the film about Facebook, and Mark Zucgerberg. However I ’m not going to talk about the film, I’m talking about a detail: they changed their name from “The Facebook” to “Facebook”. Do you know why?

The main point of this lesson is how we use the article “The”.

Let’s see:

Yes, “the” is used to indicate something that is common knowledge.

For example:

  • The earth is round ( there is ONLY 1 EARTH )
  • The boy in the corner is my friend.

( The speaker & the listener know which boy)

  • + “The” also accompany with non-count nouns in Speific terms; and NEVER go with plural count nouns.

And a special gifts that may very useful for you, I give you the following generalizations as a guide for the use of the article “the”:

 *Use “the” with:

  • -Oceans, rivers, seas, gulfs, plular lakes. ( the Red Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Great Lakes ).
  • -moutains  (the Andes, the Hoang Lien Son)
  • -Earth, moon

Facebook or TheFacebook 2

  • -School, colleges, uni… when the phrase begins with school, etc.. ( the University of Florida)
  • -Wars ( the Vietnamese war )
  • -Certain countries/groups of countries with more than 1 word ( the U.S) (Except Great Britain).
  • -Historical documents (the Constitution)
  • -Ethnic group (the Indians, the Aztecs)

*Don’t use “the” with:

  • -Singular lakes (lake Geneva, lake Hoan Kiem)
  • -mounts ( Mount Versurious, mount Ba Vi)
  • -planets, constellations.
  • -school, colleges, uni…when the phrase begins with a proper noun (Santa Fe Community College)
  • -World War

Facebook or TheFacebook 3

  • -Countries preceded by New or an adjective such as a direction( New Zealand, South Africa)
  • -Sports
  • -Abtract nouns ( freedom, happiness)
  • -Holidays (Christmas, Easter)


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